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From research to innovation with new breeding techniques
PlantEd and Växtnoden webinar.
Plant breeding has a century-long history of innovation. New molecular tools continue this long tradition by offering further increased precision and versatility in working with the genetic material. These tools include the Nobel Prize-awarded CRISPR/Cas technology and are already being implemented in research and innovation all over the world. Their application is far from straightforward in some countries however, due to legal complications. In the European Union it is not yet clarified if the legislation on genetically modified organisms (GMO) will apply, something which in practice would mean a prohibition on commercial applications. In this webinar, representatives from the private plant breeding sector will give their perspectives on the opportunities and challenges for research and innovation with new breeding techniques. A representative of the European Commission will also deliver a note on the state of play on the report regarding the status of novel genomic techniques, which is due to be delivered in the end of April. The webinar is co-organised by the COST Action PlantEd and Växtnoden.

Apr 13, 2021 02:00 PM in Stockholm

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