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Power in the food system - an open-ended discussion
At TABLE, we are in the process of developing our new theme: power in the food system. We define this theme broadly, covering who and what shapes, controls and influences the food system and its future.

Our understanding of power includes, for example, how governments and policymakers at all levels set rules and frameworks in food systems; who owns and funds different parts of the food sector; the ability of people to effect change in their roles as consumers and citizens; how our assumptions, norms, preferences and opinions about food are formed and influenced; and how power dynamics shift and change over time.

We recognise that our own biases and perspectives will influence how we think about power in the food system. The purpose of this event - which will kick off our work on power - is therefore to hear a variety of viewpoints, interpretations and understandings. We want this to be an explorative, reflective ideas-generating session, rather than one in which participants seek to ‘win’ an argument.

To this end, we have organised panel discussion involving representatives from different sectors as follows:

- Media: Eddy Wax - Reporter covering food and agriculture for POLITICO in Brussels.
- Academia: Wendy Godek - Professor of Politics and International Relations with focus on Latin American food and agriculture politics
- Civil society: Shefali Sharma - Director of Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) Europe
- Private: Sahil Shah - Co-founder of agri-tech company Sustainable Seaweed and policy consultant

0:00-0:05 Introduction
0:05-0:25 “What does the phrase ‘power in the food system’ mean to you?”
0:25-0:55 Open-ended discussion
0:55-1:15 Audience Q&A and wrap up

If you have any questions, please contact: matthew.kessler@slu.se

Dec 8, 2021 03:00 PM in Stockholm

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Wendy Godek
Assistant Professor of Politics and International Relations @Roger Williams University
Dr. Wendy Godek’s research examines social and political change in agrarian and food systems, focusing largely on efforts to deepen social and environmental justice. She has conducted and/or collaborated on research in Latin America concerning food sovereignty movements and policy, agroecological transitions, gender and inclusive rural development, and local multi-stakeholder innovation and learning platforms. She is currently working on a co-authored book project on environmental justice and the self-determination of local communities.
Eddy Wax
Reporter @Politico
Eddy Wax covers food and agriculture for POLITICO in Brussels. He joined the publication as a trainee breaking news reporter in October 2018 and began covering the EU farm beat six months later. Before POLITICO, Eddy interned at BBC news in Brussels, Private Eye magazine in London and spent a semester studying at the Sorbonne Nouvelle university in Paris. You can read his recent work here: https://www.politico.eu/staff/eddy-wax/
Shefali Sharma
Director @IATP Europe
Shefali Sharma is the director of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) European office. From the global production of feed grains to meat processing and retail, her current work and publications focus on the economic, social and environmental impacts of the global meat and dairy industries. She continues to examine how international trade rules and global governance on food security and climate intersect with the sector. Shefali established IATP’s Geneva office in 2000 and led its Trade Information Project for several years. She has worked with and consulted for several other civil society organizations, such as the Malaysia-based Third World Network, as the South Asia coordinator of the Bank Information Center, based in Delhi, and ActionAid International.
Sahil Shah
Co-founder and Director @Sustainable Seaweed
Sahil Shah is a co-founder and director of Sustainable Seaweed, an agri-tech company scaling seaweed production for food security and blue carbon sinks and co-founded open-source project, the Food Systems Handbook collating, curating and summarising highly effective food security interventions for policy makers. He is also an honorary fellow at the Jahn Research Group at the University of Madison-Wisconsin and a specialist advisor at US food security nonprofit, the Alliance to Feed the Earth in Disasters (ALLFED). He participates on the Chatham House Food and Land Use round table, and has been a fellow and an Action Council Member at the Atlantic Council.